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Our community, The Village at Thornapple, was formed in January, 1992. The Thornapple Homeowners Association was formed at the same time. For almost ten years, the association was managed by the developer. In February, 2001, the management of the association became the responsibility of the homeowners. Officers were elected, a budget was established and we began the work of caring for our community

For those of you that may be new to living in a development managed by an association, we’d like to provide some background for our association.

First and foremost, your membership in the association is not voluntary. Everyone that owns a home in the Village at Thornapple and the Thornapple Meadows is considered a voting member responsible for paying annual association dues. In addition, we are required to act as a “Homeowners Association” as the term is defined in Section 528 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The association is responsible for owning, operating, maintaining and administering certain real property within the Village, along with certain improvements constructed and developed or to be constructed and developed, including without limitation, drainage areas; fencing along Alton-Darby Creek Road; entrance features; landscaping; irrigation system; lighting; open spaces and reserves.

To carry out these duties, we have established a Community Handbook that may be accessed on this website. The seven elected officers represent the homeowners in all decisions that affect our community.

You live in a wonderful community. We think you’ll find friendly neighbors wherever you may walk. We are a community with many young families, retirees, professionals and a broad ethnic diversity. Take a few minutes to meet your neighbors. If you ever have questions or comments, please email the Board at We’d be happy to help.


The Thornapple Assocation Inc., Galloway, Ohio 43119
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